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Blackadder, Demotivators, Sense and Sensibility


Lt. George!
1 2

Sense and Sensibility
3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10

*Blackadder screencaps by jenavira.

Please, comment, credit, and DO NOT HOTLINK and I will draw hearts and flowers around your user handle names. Thanks and enjoy!
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Bwa! Wonderful stuff. I took both George's and three of the demotivators. Thank you!
*ogles George*

Took numbers 2 and 7. Will credit!
*loves icon*
took 1 and 2, will credit of course!
Taking 1 and 2. Awesome work!
Took all the demotivators... can't get enough of those! Will definitely credit!
Snagged the Demotivators ones. Using just #10 right now.
Snagged 9 and 10. I absolutely love them! Thanks so much!
5 & 6 - thanks!
Took both George ones!
I love your icons so I've joined your community, hope that's ok!
Glad you like! And of course 'tis definitely a-ok that you joined the community. Yay.
Snagged the last Sense and Sensibility one "Patience"
I took 1 & 2. Will credit if I use :)
took #7. ha. will credit when used. thanks.
I took 10. Thanks!
Blackadder icons! Squee! I'm nabbing number two. Will credit of course.
I'm taking the two Blackadder ones. My gawd you're brilliant.
I'm-a gonna snag #2. Just because I love that quote. Will most certainly credit!! ^_________^
Quite nice:D Hello BB.
i took the first icon! thanx a million!

and the demotivators are hilarious! i love it :D
Snagged #1, with credit and thanks. They are all fabulous!
Bravo George, please!
snagged 8!!!!

Lovely skill you've got with icons!
Taking #2, will credit when use :)
Taken two. <3
Yay! snagged all the blackadders too, will credit when I use them, of course. :D Thanks!

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