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Happy Holidays to all!

"House M.D." and Assorted Iconage



1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11

Assorted Icons

12 13 14 15
16 17 18

Please comment, credit, and please, no hotlinking if you decide to take any of these icons. Thanks, I appreciate it!
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I love 13! Will credit!
Loving the turtle ;)
i took the heads will roll one
7, 13, 17 - kickass! Thanks, Rice, will credit.
Took the turtle! :) :)
I love the turtle, I'll credit.
House #1. Will credit!

Luv it~
13 cracked me up! Snagged it and will credit when I use it. Thanks!
taking number 12
and thankies
The turtle one, LOL LOL LOL! gr8!!!!!
is 11 hugh laurie? *swoon,purr,faint*
Indeed it is! I HEART him, big time, and his new show, "House." There's been a bit of an icon-making spree as of late.


12 years ago

Awesome awesome awesome! Taking "Heads Will Roll" for now, maybe a Lt. George later. Will credit!
took 13 and 14 will credit thanks
I LOVE HOUSE! OMGOSH! it's my favorite show ever, lol
Oh yeah, I'll prolly take 11, and maybe some more later. Will credit!
1,11,12,13,17 and thanks!
I took 1 & 3 of the House icons. Many thanks and all credit will, of course, go to you.
i am a new fan :)
and i TOTALLY snagged #13. fabulous!
17 and 12. Thanks luv!
Saved #16.
Swiped #11, I LOVE House!
Grabbed 13 and 15, will credit.
13 - will credit - it's hysterical - meg.
Snagged 12 and 13--awesome, thanks!!!!
Love 7! Taking.